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WP Symposium Pro 16.06 Release Notes

Great updates for the core plugin! The free core plugin is the foundation of WP Symposium Pro, and there are some fantastic new features in this release.

Don’t forget, check out the online WP Symposium Pro admin guide (codex), and you can now try out the WP Symposium Pro Extensions plugin for free – download a copy for a trial period from www.wpsymposiumpro.com – and try out development versions between releases.

If you want to see release information for 16.06, you can read the release notes on your admin dashboard (WPS Pro->Release Notes). For previous release, see the wpspro.com blog.

Remember, if you use a CDN (like CloudFlare), caching, etc – purge/clear everything after updating.

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WP Symposium Pro 16.06

Core WP Symposium Pro plugin

Available from the WordPress repository


Massive improvement with use of AJAX for posts and comments, and paging with “more…” button.

Added get_max_friends to [wps-activity] shortcode to fine-tune performace. See WPS Pro->Shortcodes->Activity.

User meta

WP Symposium Pro now logs when user logins in.

New shortcodes [wps-last-active] and [wps-last-logged-in].


New forum posts since previous login are now optionally highlighted, see WPS Pro->Shortcodes->[wps-forum]->”For both styles…”. You can set what is shown (defaults to “NEW!”), which can be words, smilies or even HTML – try using:

<img width="31" height="20"
src="/wp-content/plugins/wp-symposium-pro/css/images/new.gif" />

which will show new (you may have to change the path on your server).

Can now set individual auto-close period on forums via Manage All Forums->Edit.

New option pagination_above for [wps-forum] to enable pagination above forum topic post. WPS Pro->Shortcodes->[wps-forum]->”For single topic view…”.

When replying to a forum post, last page is now shown (if pagination on and applicable).


Updated to support latest WordPress and Yoast SEO filters.

WP Symposium Pro Extensions

Available from www.wpsymposiumpro.com


…all about the core in this release!

(plus a few minor updates to the Extensions, so update both…)