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WP Symposium Pro 16.05.01 Release Notes

WP Symposium Pro 16.05.01 includes speed increases to the forum and directory, updates to the editor, and various other fixes.

Don’t forget, check out the online WP Symposium Pro admin guide (codex), and you can now try out the WP Symposium Pro Extensions plugin for free – download a copy for a trial period from www.wpsymposiumpro.com – and try out development versions between releases.

If you want to see release information for 16.05 and 16.05.01 in one place, you can read the release notes on your admin dashboard (WPS Pro->Release Notes).

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WP Symposium Pro 16.05.01

Core WP Symposium Pro plugin

Available from the WordPress repository


Fix to support of some characters, in particular Arabic, etc.

Fix to editing posts when content sometimes didn’t show, including characters that can’t be displayed.

Improved speed of [wps-forums] and [wps-forum] shortcodes.

Added pagination to [wps-forum] shortcode, see options under WPS Pro->Shortcodes->Forum->wps_forum (For both styles…). Note that pagination and the option to show/hide closed topics cannot operate together. If pagination is enabled, the closed topics checkbox is automatically hidden. Removed max_forum_posts.


Added parsing to remove tags for security reasons.

WP Symposium Pro Extensions

Available from www.wpsymposiumpro.com

Forum Toolbar

New option to show Visual/Text tab on WYSIWYG editor (admin always sees the tabs). WPS Pro->Setup->Forum Toolbar. Recommended that only shown to admins (no really, I wouldn’t give to users!).

Can set path to editor CSS file via WPS Pro->Setup->Forum Toolbar.


A to Z changed to comma seperated (A,B,C,D…) in WPS Pro->Shortcodes->Directory->wps_directory so can handle foreign (to me!) characters – don’t forget to add commas to what you have! You will need to make sure that you have installed WordPress with correct character set. You might try changing setting the following in wp-config.php if you have problems: define(‘DB_CHARSET’, ”); and you might need to add something like <meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=iso-8859-1″ /> to your theme header.

Speeded up when not using (for example) friendship status. Look for “(slows page!)” on shortcode options on WPS Pro->Shortcodes.


Fix to bug (creating multiple pages, duplicating topics).


If you @tag someone (by user login) that doesn’t exist, no link is created. You can type @user_login into forums with WYSIWYG toolbar, but no pop-up to select, but they will be get converted into links.