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WP Symposium Pro 16.04 Release Notes

New shortcodes and a fix to the Extensions “nag banner” (erm, sorry about that….) with WP Symposium Pro 16.04. Plus lots of new features, and additional hooks and filters that means (for example) that Facebook Login plugins will work with the Login/Register feature.

And you can now try out the WP Symposium Pro Extensions plugin for free – download a copy for a trial period from www.wpsymposiumpro.com.

The core brings new shortcodes to show or hide content if the user has logged in, or not. Forum replies can be restricted to one per user. A new option for the [wps-usermeta] shortcode means you can insert a user’s ID, handy when creating links between profile pages.

With the Extensions plugin, the Login/Register now supports Facebook Login plugins with new hooks/filters, as well as other plugins. For example, the Facebook Login plugin.

And among other new features, the Gallery albums with WP Symposium Pro 16.04 now support security settings, so users can choose who can see their albums – even the public.  And speaking of public, Profile pages can be set truly public to act like Facebook pages, with the option for whether you allow this or not.

Best wishes, drink tea, tea is good.

cup_of_teaWP Symposium Pro 16.04

Core WP Symposium Pro plugin

Available from the WordPress repository

New shortcodes

[wps-is-logged-in]CONTENT[/wps-is-logged-in] where CONTENT will only be shown if the browser (user) IS logged in.

[wps-not-logged-in]CONTENT[/wps-not-logged-in] where CONTENT will only be shown if the browser (user) is NOT logged in.


New option to only allow one reply per user. See WPS Pro->Shortcodes->Forum->[wps-forum-comment].


Added option for [wps-usermeta meta=”ID”] so can insert “current user” value to page/widget/etc.


Removed wps_config.php, only value that existed moved to WPS Pro->Shortcodes->wps-forum->”Topics to query from database”.

New section added “General” to shortcodes admin page, with applicable shortcodes moved there.

WP Symposium Pro Extensions

Available from www.wpsymposiumpro.com


Hooks added to forms to allow Facebook login plugins to work (for example “Facebook Login”, others are available) as well as other plugins. As a tip, with the “Facebook Login” plugin, if a user already exists and their email address does not match their Facebook email address, then a new account will be created. Note that this is nothing to do with WP Symposium, just the way that particular plugin works.

If Town and City are included on registration form, user is geocoded for directory use (etc) when registering.

Last active initially set when registering.

Private Mail

By default users do not receive email alerts for new messages, can enabled via WPS Pro->Setup->Private Messages (consider the legality of switching on).


Albums can now have a security setting, to allow them to be shown to just the owner, frieneds, members or public. Set the default level via WPS Pro->Setup->Galleries.

Profile Page Security

By default the Public option does not show, use shortcode option via WPS->Shortcodes->Profile->wps-usermeta-change to enable. Be wary of using Public on your website as this is truly public!

Profile/Forum Extensions

When creating a list/multilist, values are now entered in a textbox (not comma seperated list) as easier to manage when having lots of options.


Replaced missing filter in directory to ensure security set from Edit Profile.

Fixed problem with demo nag screen.