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WP Symposium Pro 16.04.02 Release Notes

WP Symposium Pro 16.04.02 replaces the WYSIWYG editor, adds new shortcodes and options, and forum reply extensions.

Don’t forget, you can now try out the WP Symposium Pro Extensions plugin for free – download a copy for a trial period from www.wpsymposiumpro.com – and try out development versionsbetween releases.

We have also marked WP Symposium Pro as compatible with WordPress 4.5, hence the release before the start of next month. In particular, which you might want to keep an eye out with other plugins, is the deprecation of the get currentuserinfo() function.

If you want to see release information for 16.04, 16.04.01 and 16.04.02 in one place, you can read the release notes on your admin dashboard (WPS Pro->Release Notes).

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WP Symposium Pro 16.04.02

Core WP Symposium Pro plugin

Available from the WordPress repository


New option for [wps-forum-post]. Set slug=”choose” to give users choice of forum to post to.

New option to [wps-forums]. Set include=”all” or “private” or “public” to filter forums shown.

New conditional shortcodes!

Added [wps-is-forum-single-post]]CONTENT[[/wps-is-forum-single-post] to display content when only viewing a single forum post and [wps-is-forum-posts-list]]CONTENT[[/wps-is-forum-posts-list] to display content when viewing a list of forum posts (the forum itself). Any shortcodes in CONTENT are processed. Find under WPS Pro->Shortcodes->Conditional. Very useful when creating a forum page, helps to keep things tidy and layout content.

Fix to show report option when post/reply/comment not owned by user.


Can now also set [wps-avatar] size as a % (or enter a number for pixels).


Shortcodes admin page: Renamed “General” to “Conditional”.

WP Symposium Pro Extensions

Available from www.wpsymposiumpro.com

New feature!

Forum reply extensions to add fields to every reply on a forum.

Forum Attachments

Fixed bug when adding additional image/document extensions (like mp3,mp4,docx,etc), set via wps-forum-post and wps-forum-comment.

Forum Toolbar

3rd party toolbar replaced with in-built WordPress toolbar due to change in licence conditions. This is an enforced change due to licence restrictions when including in the plugin. As we like to do things “the WordPress way” where possible, we feel that the in-built WordPress editor is the correct choice. You will also benefit from upgrades to the editor that are made with WordPress releases, like the quick hyperlink feature with WordPress 4.5.

As a bonus, you now get a large variety of buttons you can choose to display on your forum toolbar – make sure you reset your buttons after upgrading! Set your buttons, choosing as few or as many as you want, via WPS Pro->Setup->Forum Toolbar. Here’s the list of buttons you can use:

  • WP Symposium Pro using WordPress editorbold (Bold)
  • italic (Italic)
  • underline (Underline)
  • bullist (Bullet list)
  • numlist (Numbered list)
  • link (Hyperlink)
  • unlink (Remove hyperlink)
  • alignleft (Align left)
  • aligncenter (Align center)
  • alignright (Align right)
  • fullscreen (Go full screen editing)
  • undo (Undo)
  • redo (Redo)
  • indent (Indent)
  • outdent (Outdent)
  • quote (Format as a quote)
  • charmap (Symbols)
  • formatselect (Select formatting)
  • fontselect (Select font)
  • fontsizeselect (Select font size)
  • styleselect (Menu item to select all sorts of styling in one place)
  • forecolor (Text colour)
  • backcolor (Text background colour)

You can also put [code]xxx[/code] around content to display as formatted text, common for code snippets, hence the use of the word code! Or indeed, use the new <code>xxx</code> tag that the updated editor in WordPress 4.5 supports.

Don’t forget to reset your buttons, choosing those that you want, via WPS Pro->Setup->Forum Toolbar!


Due to the issues being encountered by some users, this feature is no longer supported (but still available for sites where it works). We recommend Simple Ajax Chat.