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WP Symposium Pro 16.02 Release Notes

A new forum shortcode to display child forums as setup via WPS Pro->Setup->Manage All Forums->Edit (“Parent”) and a number of smaller additions, as well as minor fixes makes 16.02 a worthwhile upgrade.

Also marked compatible with WordPress 4.4.2.

Best wishes, drink tea, tea is good.

Core WP Symposium Pro plugin

Available from the WordPress repository


New shortcode [wps-forum-children slug=”xxx”] to display child forums as setup via WPS Pro->Setup->Manage All Forums->Edit (“Parent”). Can set shortcode options as with all shortcodes, via WPS Pro->Shortcodes. Add to one of your forum pages to show those child forums. You must set slug, as shown, replacing “xxx” with the slug of the parent forum, of which to show the children of. For more shortcode options, and to translate text, go to WPS Pro->Shortcodes.


Identified vulnerability patch and minor bug fixes.

WP Symposium Pro Extensions

Available from

Private Messages

Can now set label for “Send Message” for new private mail messages (send_label).

Profile Extensions

Fixed Visibility of Profile Extensions (box on add/edit extension) so if none ticked, only visible to administrators. Select all apart from “Everyone” to make visible to all members (expected behaviour).


When @tags are enabled, can now enter an email address without being prompted for a friend to tag.


Switched forum search to use home URL instead of site URL (in case installation in different directory on site).

Fixed shortcode values in WPS Pro->Shortcodes previously not showing in [wps-gallery].

Minor bug fixes.