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About the 17.05.01 release

It’s a small one, but a little bug was picked up that caused the registration page to stop submitting if you included mandatory profile extensions, that people had to enter when registering.

So worthy of a quick update release.

We’re Still Doing The Crazy Price Reduction

Yep – the purge continues! Of everyone who can’t resist the WPS Extensions Plugin for $10!

Get the WP Sympsium Pro Ultimate Forever licence normally $249 – and SAVE $239!

We will pull this soon, so Get It Here, Now! (and feel free to share, sharing is nice)

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This is development news, not release information. You may want to review previous blog posts on development builds for previous updates to get the full picture (it’s work in progress). These development builds are available to download for those interested in experimenting with pre-release versions.