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Profile Archives - WPS Pro Codex

WP Symposium Pro 17.01 Release Notes

In the Core, we have new features for the profile, edit profile and avatar. The Extension plugin has enhancements for the directory and profile extensions.

Development Build 17.01.b

Updates to the core include enhancements to profile, edit profile and change avatar. With the Extensions plugin, the Directory and Profile Extensions get more improvements.

WP Symposium Pro 16.12 Release Notes

Please read the release notes, there is an important thing for you to do! We have added a new admin section to easily set global styles for your site. Starting with core elements (links, buttons, etc) and forums.

WP Symposium Pro 16.11 Release Notes

Users can now translate flip/rotate/etc for avatar uploads and default values for town/city and country, and fixes include profile page links for users who include a space in their user login. In the extensions plugin, among other new features, you can set a “clear this” option for profile extension lists and users can delete their own entries.

WP Symposium Pro 16.08 Release Notes

Lots of new shortcodes and features, like Reviews, check them out! New “Reviews” feature in the Extensions plugin, Rotate and flip images (avatar, forum, etc!), and lots of lovely other stuff!!!

WP Symposium Pro 16.07 Release Notes

More improvements of the “new” flag for forum posts, replies and comments. A password strength meter (uses the WordPress in-built meter) can be added to the Edit Profile page. Add a friend requests count to your menus. And more!

WP Symposium Pro 16.06 Release Notes

Great updates for the core plugin! The free core plugin is the foundation of WP Symposium Pro, and there are some fantastic new features in this release.

Development Build 16.05.g

New forum posts and replies now highlighted if new since your previous login, building on the great additions to the way activity is added, this is turning into a great release.

Profile Extensions

A powerful way to allow users to add information about themselves that is pertinent to your site.

Profile Security

Allows user’s to set different levels of security for their account.

Profile Page

The profile page is the user’s main page, or home page if you like. It’s where the go by default to see their activity, their friends activity and if you want, where they can go to edit the profile, change their avatar (their user picture), accept friendship requests and so on.


Display the user’s display name, as set on the Edit Profile page.


Displays a link or button to join a site (multisite only).


Displays a profile value (meta) of a user, including standard WordPress meta values such as display_name.


Displays a button to link to a URL, passing the user’s ID as a parameter.


Displays profile fields for the user, which they can edit. This is their Edit Profile page.