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Extensions Archives - WPS Pro Codex

WP Symposium Pro 17.01 Release Notes

In the Core, we have new features for the profile, edit profile and avatar. The Extension plugin has enhancements for the directory and profile extensions.

Development Build 17.01.b

Updates to the core include enhancements to profile, edit profile and change avatar. With the Extensions plugin, the Directory and Profile Extensions get more improvements.

WP Symposium Pro 16.12 Release Notes

Please read the release notes, there is an important thing for you to do! We have added a new admin section to easily set global styles for your site. Starting with core elements (links, buttons, etc) and forums.

WP Symposium Pro 16.11 Release Notes

Users can now translate flip/rotate/etc for avatar uploads and default values for town/city and country, and fixes include profile page links for users who include a space in their user login. In the extensions plugin, among other new features, you can set a “clear this” option for profile extension lists and users can delete their own entries.

Activity attachments

The attachment of images, the inclusion of YouTube URLs, SoundCloud audio and website URL previews.

Activity share lists

User’s can create lists of users which they can then quickly choose when adding an activity post.

Calendar (for site)

The calendar is a convenient way to publicise events to all members of your site. You can have multiple calendars, and set which members can view and add events by WordPress roles.

Choosing Activity Recipients

Adds a drop-down list above the activity post that gives the user the choice of selecting who to share their activity post with

Custom Email Alerts

The default alerts can be customised with a “header” and “footer”.

Default Friends

Set new members to your site to automatically become friends with one or more other members.

Default Groups

Allows you to automatically add news users into one or more groups.

Forum Answers

An answer can be selected (and unselected) by either the original forum post author, or site administrators.

Forum Likes/Dislikes

A lovely way to engage your users is to allow them to like and dislike forum activity, which also gives feedback to original forum posts.

Forum Security

Fine tune permissions for your forums by WordPress roles.

Forum Subscriptions

Email alerts to relevant forum activity for your users is a great way to keep your users engaged

Forum Toolbar

Adds a WYSIWYG or BBcode toolbar to the forum.

Group and Groups

Site members can organise themselves to discuss and share attachments.

Image Galleries

Let your members share photos! Also supports documents.

Member Directory

A very easy way for members to find other members on the site.

Menu Alerts

Display the number of unread messages in your WordPress menu.

Private Messages (Mail)

Add private messages, in the form of conversations between one or more members of your site.

Private Message Attachments

You can choose to allow user’s to attach images/documents to messages, and recognise YouTube URLs to show the video below the message.

Profile Extensions

A powerful way to allow users to add information about themselves that is pertinent to your site.

Profile Security

Allows user’s to set different levels of security for their account.

System Messages

Purpose After activating this extension, you have the ability to automatically add an activity post to every new member’s activity stream. Go to WPS Pro->Set up->System Messages, select the user you want to send the activity post from and enter your message. After saving a preview is displayed. Availability Provided in the Extensions Plugin. Customising Set… read more »

User Rewards

A website or social network can really be enhanced by rewarding users with points for doing certain things, and even displaying badges (or any image) on their profile page. That’s what rewards can do.

User Tags

Just type @ in an activity post or reply, and tag a friend who will get an alert with a link to your mention of them.


Displays a reward badge, revealing to show progress.


Displays a directory of your site members. For distance to work with a user, it requires that user to have saved their profile via Edit Profile with Town/City and Country.


Displays a link back to the group, from page with [wps-group-members].


Displays your private messages.


Allows users to set a message that is shown at the top of every mail conversation they are involved in.


Displays the reward total given to a user.


A very flexible way to display any WordPress post content.