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Activity Archives - WPS Pro Codex

WP Symposium Pro 16.08 Release Notes

Lots of new shortcodes and features, like Reviews, check them out! New “Reviews” feature in the Extensions plugin, Rotate and flip images (avatar, forum, etc!), and lots of lovely other stuff!!!

Development Build 16.08.c

Nice improvement for user avatar and attached images (to activity, forum and gallery) – rotate, flip and loads of effects for the user’s avatar!

WP Symposium Pro 16.06 Release Notes

Great updates for the core plugin! The free core plugin is the foundation of WP Symposium Pro, and there are some fantastic new features in this release.

Development Build 16.05.g

New forum posts and replies now highlighted if new since your previous login, building on the great additions to the way activity is added, this is turning into a great release.

Development Build 16.05.f

Awesome change to the activity page! Posts and comments without a page reload, pagination and extra settings to fine tune performance.

Activity attachments

The attachment of images, the inclusion of YouTube URLs, SoundCloud audio and website URL previews.

Activity share lists

User’s can create lists of users which they can then quickly choose when adding an activity post.

Choosing Activity Recipients

Adds a drop-down list above the activity post that gives the user the choice of selecting who to share their activity post with

Profile Page

The profile page is the user’s main page, or home page if you like. It’s where the go by default to see their activity, their friends activity and if you want, where they can go to edit the profile, change their avatar (their user picture), accept friendship requests and so on.

User Tags

Just type @ in an activity post or reply, and tag a friend who will get an alert with a link to your mention of them.