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Development Build 17.02.b

In Brief…

New translations strings and bug fixes in a February release.

Remember, if you use a CDN (like CloudFlare), caching, etc – purge/clear everything after updating.

Here’s what is planned for the next release:


Change Avatar

Fixed problem with avatar_style parameter and set default height/width of thumbnail to 250 pixels (from 100).



Added “Reply attachment(s) label” to wps_activity for activity attachments (replies) so it can be changed/translated.


Added new_msg_alert shortcode option to [wps-activity-mail] to change text. See WPS Pro->Shortcodes->Alerts->[wps-activity-mail].

Added item_txt, items_txt and new_items_txt shortcode options to [wps-gallery] to change text. See WPS Pro->Shortcodes->Gallery->[wps-gallery].


Images for events when uploaded if small, will not stretch and distort (large images are reduced for performance).

Don’t Forget…

Check out the new WPS Pro Codex!

Please Remember…

This is development news, not release information. You may want to review previous blog posts on development builds for previous updates to get the full picture (it’s work in progress). These development builds are available to download for those interested in experimenting with pre-release versions.