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Development Build 16.05.f

In Brief…

Awesome change to the activity page! Posts and comments without a page reload, pagination and extra settings to fine tune performance.

Remember, if you use a CDN (like CloudFlare), caching, etc – purge/clear everything after updating.



Activity has been improved with all posts and comments now made with AJAX, meaning no page reloads! 🙂 General activity performance has also been given a check over.

You can also see previous activity with a “more…” button at the bottom, giving you as the site administrator the change to reduce the content first returned as users can look back as much as they want.

A new option called get_max_friends for [wps-activity] allows you to fine tune the number of items returned for the user and their friends, again helping to tune performance. See them via WPS Pro->Shortcodes->Activity.


Just a note that the above feature also appears on the Group Activity page.


You can now set individual auto-close values for each forum, in addition to the global setting. Go to WPS Pro->Setup->Manage all Forums and click on Edit below the forum to change. Then set your value for that forum down the screen.


Nothing for now…

Don’t Forget…

Check out the new WPS Pro Codex!

Please Remember…

This is development news, not release information. You may want to review previous blog posts on development builds for previous updates to get the full picture (it’s work in progress). These development builds are available to download for those interested in experimenting with pre-release versions.