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Development Build 16.04.k

In Brief…

Couple of late additions to release including improved implementation of WYSIWYG editor (in particular code), with new toolbar icon.



Improved notice in admin (WPS Pro->Setup->Manage Alerts) when user chosen not to receive alerts by email.


New option for [wps-forum]. Set header_freshness to change title of freshness column (table style).

Via “Manage All Forums” (WPS Pro->Setup), you can now delete forums.

Improvements to use of WordPress WYSIWYG editor, in particular how code is handled1/displayed.


New option for [wps-avatar]. Set user_id=”user” to always show current user, or the ID of a WordPress user. Default will show avatar based on context of page in the site.

User meta wps_pro_avatar updated with avatar path when uploading custom avatar. If you want to use this database user meta value, you should run “WPS Pro->Setup->System Options->Re-sync avatar meta” (checkbox) at least once to update existing users who have uploaded avatars (otherwise not necessary).


Missing shortcode [wps-display-name] added to WPS Pro->Shortcodes->Profile page, which includes option of user=”user” to always show current user, or set to show dependent on context of page.



Can now migrate your BBpress forums to WP Symposium Pro forums. Work in progress, for now use at your own risk (but seems ok)! You need to de-activate the BBpress plugin, and we highly recommend that you take a backup of your database before migrating “just in case”.

Private Messages

Added option in “mailbox” to show all messages or unread messages only. The last choice by the user is stored for future visits.

Forum Toolbar

Remember, you can make changes to the default style of WYSIWYG mode by editing [path-to]/wps-symposium-pro-extensions/wps-symposium-pro-forum-toolbar/editor_styles.css.

New option for toolbar “code” which will put <code>—</code> around content to be displayed as such. Add via WPS Pro->Setup->Forum Toolbar.


New option for [wps-my-groups]. Set limit_to to a comma seperated list of group IDs to only include those groups.

New option for [wps-my-groups]. Set user_id (as a WordPress user ID) to force list of groups shown for that user.


Improved notice when user chosen not to receive alerts by email (WPS Pro->Setup->Manage Alerts).


New options for [wps-directory-search] to add filter to advanced search if user has uploaded an avatar. See WPS Pro->Shortcodes->Directory.

Don’t Forget…

Check out the new WPS Pro Codex!

Please Remember…

This is development news, not release information. You may want to review previous blog posts on development builds for previous updates to get the full picture (it’s work in progress). These development builds are available to download for those interested in experimenting with pre-release versions.