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Development Build 16.04.f

Please remember that this development news (since the last development build), not release information.


Marked as compatible with WordPress v4.5.



Due to the issues being encountered by some users, primarily on shared hosting services, this feature is no longer supported (but still available for sites where it works).

Forum attachments

Fixed bug when adding additional image/document extensions (like mp3,mp4,docx,etc), set them wps-forum-post (for new posts) and wps-forum-comment (for forum replies) via WPS Pro->Shortcodes.

Please remember…

This is development news, not release information. To avoid duplication, each new development blog post covers what has been worked on since the last development build. You should review previous blog posts on development builds for previous updates to get the full picture (it’s work in progress). These development builds are available to download for those interested in experimenting with pre-release versions.