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Development Build 16.04.e

Please remember that this is development news, not release information. It describes work in progress, and covers what is new or changed since the last live release. These development builds are available to download for those interested in experimenting with pre-release versions.



Added a new option for [wps-forum-post] to let users select which forum to post to as a new drop-down list. Add slug=”choose” to the shortcode to display this dropdown list.

Fix to show report option (via settings icon) when post/reply/comment not owned by user. It was only showing to the post/reply/comment owner and admin.



A new feature! You can now add forum reply extensions. These are fields that appear with the forum reply. An example would be a forum that is asking for quotes and you want to allow users to set a value for the quote (their reply). You can access forum reply extensions for WPS Pro->Setup.

Forum Toolbar

Okay. This is a significant change… Due to licence changes with the previous WYSIWYG editor, it has to be replaced. So a decision has been made to do that, and use the built in WordPress editor (WP_Editor). You can still choose the buttons that appear via WPS Pro->Setup->Forum Toolbar, and in fact have more to choose from.

You will need to go to WPS Pro->Setup->Forum Toolbar and reset/change the list of buttons that appear on the toolbar. A suggested default list of buttons is shown, along with all the others that are available.

I understand that this won’t be 100% favourable, but we have no choice, as we can’t include a commercial editor toolbar. Of if we did, would have to increase the price to cover the cost (and then manage reciprocal payments, etc).

Having said that, and perhaps because I use the editor so much in the backend of WordPress, I actually prefer it. It “feels” nicer, and one of our mantras is to do things “the WordPress way”, so perhaps this is more aligned to that claim!